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Joe Gamble


Hey everyone, I’m Joe Gamble…

and I can usually be found making music in one form or another for most of the day. I’ve spent my entire life as a working musician although currently I’m splitting up my working hours between music, e-commerce pursuits and being a full-time student. I’ve worked mainly as a professional sideman- doing tons of gigs and playing on way more records and commercial recording sessions than I can count. I’ve taught hundreds of guitar students and produced and mixed a fair amount of records for my own projects as well as clients too.

I’m currently releasing guitar-centric material under my own name as well as launching a new project in 2023 called I play guitar in a Los Angeles area progressive rock trio area called ‘Bruce Chester’ as well as co-hosting a bi-weekly livestream/podcast with amplifier sage, Steve Fryette called “The Malcontents”.

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